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** UPDATE: As of August, we are moving to the Molten private server "Lordaeron 1x"... for more information and details, visit the forum thread. **

Tranquility is a mostly casual, fun, PVE-focused guild on the Alphawow private server. We aim to have fun while making gradual raid progress. Tranquility is made up of both experienced players and new players. If you need help with your class or gear, veterans are almost always around to help.

We try to schedule between 2-5 raids per week, including Icecrown Citadel 10, 10HC, and/or TOC / TOGC. Usually someone will get an itch to do Onyxia or older content, and we enjoy that too, though it’s not strictly scheduled. We try to create raids where newer players can come, learn, and have fun without too much pressure (or attitude).

If you’d like to join, send us an application or talk to one of the officers ingame.

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And so it has come to this...

TheQueen, Aug 13, 12 9:32 AM.
Due to the slow demise of the Alphawow server (/cry) we have been working to find a new home. Unfortunately we weren't satisfied with available guild transfer options... either the new server is missing content (like, a lot of it... HOR and ICC usually) or is underpopulated and will therefore eventually run into the same problem as Alpha has.

At long last, we have decided to make the switch to

Not everyone will be happy with this, we understand, but it's the safest long-term option. We will still be playing WOTLK at this point. There are many reasons for this switch, and basically it comes down to the pros outweighing the cons. For more information, please see the forum topic! Thanks guys!

Vacations, Leaves, etc.

TheQueen, Jul 7, 12 1:51 PM.
Hello precious guild!

Just a quick update. We have a lot of guild members on vacation, on temporary leave, or without internet access right now. For those of us where it is currently Summer (woo! Summer!) it is obviously prime vacation season, and you can just expect people to be gone intermittantly. Also, a lot of members have had recent schedule changes because of school, work, and stuff. Ven and Slips are temporarily offline, Lav has been working, and several others are spending their summer playing Diablo III... the traitors! :)

Raids will most likely be sporadic because of our reduced numbers. Also, server population has been pretty low the past few weeks, but again I blame summer and Diablo. No worries.

Enjoy your freetime and Shta, Alf, Lav and I will try not to roast in the ridiculously record-breaking hot weather we have had. Bleh.

Peace and love!!!   <3 Dyo

And... GO!

TranquilityAdmin, May 15, 12 10:38 AM.
We are LIVE!

... sort of.

Current guild members, please take the time to apply for forum access. Register your characters and tell us who you are so that the "approval" process isn't as long. We are working out kinks but most of the content is available. Forum topics and folders coming soon :)

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

TranquilityAdmin, May 2, 12 3:33 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
So-and-so has logged on!